Crystal Dynamics current logo: 2008-Present

Crystal Dynamics is an American video game developer that was founded in 1992 by ex-Sega developers; Judy Lang, Madaline Canepa and Dave Morris. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, it was acquired by Eidos Interactive, a British video game publisher, in 1998. After Square Enix's acquisition of Eidos in 2009, it became a subsidiary of Square Enix. Crystal was the first licensed developer for 3DO, a gaming hardware platform funded by Kleiner Perkins.

Crystal Dynamics have been responsible for the development of Tomb Raider since Tomb Raider: Legend onward replacing original developers and creators Core Design, being in charge of both reboots, and all spin off games. Crystal Dynamics were only a supporting developer for Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

In August 2018, Crystal Dynamics opened a second Studio in Washington, named Crystal Northwest.

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