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Croft Manor

Croft Manor, is the stately home of the Croft Family in Surrey. Passed down through the years, from heir to heir, the manor is currently the residence of Lara Croft.

The address for Croft manor is 142, Abbingdon Road, Guildford, Surrey, England. The postcode is AL9 5NG.[1]

Design Edit

The manor is a massive house that has stood for at least three hundred years. The property is surrounded by massive gardens and high walls. The rooms are all very large, many of them having their own fireplace, with some of the hallways even having one to keep them warm.

The home was renovated by Lord Croft in the late 1990s to early 2000s, constructing a lab to hold his research. After her father's death, Lara left the manor, and in her absence the manor fell into a state of disrepair, with some flooding in the lower areas, and a tree breaking through a wall. in the west wing, and into the crypt.

Known Rooms Edit

  • Main Hall
  • Study
  • Library
  • Cellar
  • Atelier
  • Various Bedrooms
  • Secret Lab
  • Croft Family Crypt
  • The Gallery

Ownership of the ManorEdit

Amelia and Richard Croft appointed Atlas de Mornay, Amelia’s brother, as Executor of the Croft Manor Estate in the event of their absence. However, should they both die, the estate would automatically pass into the hands of their next of kin, Lara Croft. Lara’s father died when she was very young, and her mother went missing years before that. Lara left the manor after the death of her father, and in her absence, it to fall into disrepair with broken walls, shattered windows, and some flooding in the lower levels. Despite not staying at the manor, Lara remained on as the rightful owner because both of her parents were presumed dead. However, her mother’s strange disappearance meant that her death was not officially declared, qualifying her as “absent” instead of “deceased”, and thus, Atlas assumed ownership of the manor.
Croft Manor main hall

Lara in Croft Manor's main hall.

One stormy night, after her trip to Syria, Atlas sent Lara a letter explaining all of this and gave her until the end of that night to take whatever she wanted from the house and leave indefinitely or he would cut her off of her parents' trust completely. Only by finding evidence that both of her parents were dead, and not missing, could Lara reclaim rightful ownership of the manor. Thus, she spent that night exploring her childhood home, looking through old letters and journals to find something that would prove her mother’s death.

After finding the combination to a safe in her father’s study, Lara discovered an old drawing detailing the location of a hidden room somewhere in the basement of the manor. Lara followed the drawing to a secret vault built by her father to protect his immortality research. In the vault, she found an old Sun Dial with a cryptic inscription: “This is the Croft universe. Our knowledge lies to the east, our respite to the west, our future to the south, our past to the north.” She also discovered that her father had found Amelia’s frozen body in the Himalayas and brought it to the manor for a proper burial. But Lara didn’t know where her mother's body was put to rest within the manor, so she set off to find it.

Lara placed the Sun Dial in the middle of the manor's grand entryway, deciphered the cryptic message, and followed the directions to a scratched wall at the top of the stairs. Beyond the wall was the Croft Family Crypt, a hidden chamber beneath the manor where all of the deceased members of the Croft family are buried. In the center of the chamber was an ornate marble sarcophagus, which served as Amelia’s final resting place. Lara found a letter on the sarcophagus from her mother,

Lara had her mother's grave verified and sent the evidence to her uncle. With her mother's death verified, Atlas no longer held any claim to the manor or the Croft family assets. He wrote a letter to Lara confirming all of her father's assets had been transferred to her. He offered his assistance in running the estate if she required it.

Lara reflected on how she'd been too busy with fighting her uncle that she'd hadn't realised how much the manor meant to her. She resolves to fix the manor and return the Croft family name to its former glory.

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Trivia Edit

  • One of the graves in the crypt shows that the they were laid to rest in 1788, indicating the manor is very old.
  • The postcode given approximately corresponds to real life Hatfield House. This contradicts the "Surrey" location as Hatfield House is actually in Hertfordshire, North of Greater London, while Surrey is to the Southwest.
  • The C used on the gate, master key and Croft family crest uses the font "Cloister Black."


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