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Lara's Home

For Lara's home in other timelines, see Croft Manor.

Croft Manor is one of Lara Croft's few owned homes, and her primary residence.

Lara inherited the mansion from her aunt. She lived there along with her elderly butler, Winston.


The mansion sits in the middle of massive gardens sectioned off with high walls. A long, winding road leads away from the mansion to the rest of the estate.

The mansion itself consists of many rooms, including a bedroom, a dining room, a ballroom, which Lara had converted into a gym, a pool, a kitchen, basement and trophy room.

There was an assault course built outside the house, after the events of the original game. There was hedge-maze which was demolished and expanded to include a racetrack.

Appearance in each gameEdit

  • Tomb Raider

Due to time restraints, Core was unable to feature the outside area of Lara's home. Croft Manor is playable, but is not explorable as it is in later titles. The tutorial level contains only the library, a music room, the main hall, which is filled with crates, the ballroom, and the pool. It is possible to explore the outside areas via game exploits, though they are only rooms outside each window textured to appear outdoors.

  • Tomb Raider II

In the second game, the manor is greatly expanded. Lara can explore more rooms, including the kitchen, Lara's bedroom, and the basement, which housed Lara's treasure trove. The ballroom has been emptied and the training course moved outside. The manor grounds can also be explored, which includes not only the training course, but a hedge maze as well.

  • Tomb Raider III

Though the manor remained quite similar to its previous incarnation, it seems to have been renovated in between adventures. The ballroom has been split into two rooms, a dining room, and another training course had been built inside. The previous one is still located outside, though is more challenging this time around. The course ends in a gun range where Winston willingly volunteers to be target practice, and the hedge maze has been replaced with a race track. The basement now houses a large fish tank and Lara's treasure room has been moved upstairs to a hidden room off the main hall.

  • Tomb Raider Chronicles

Though the manor is not playable in this game, it does appear in cutscenes. The manor appears similar to its TR3 structure, though it is unsure if it has been renovated or changed. By accessing the manor via hacking one can explore the manor, though it is quite glitchy. The only areas that can be entered are the manor's front entrance and the main hall, every other area is either inaccessible or does not exist.

Rooms and other areasEdit


  • Lara's Bedroom
  • Bathroom
  • Library
  • Music Room
  • Attic


  • Main Hall
  • Ballroom/Gym
  • Pool room
  • Kitchen
  • Dining Room
  • Lara's treasure room
  • Old treasure room/Aquarium


  • Hedge Maze/Race Track
  • Assault Course


Notable GlitchesEdit

  • In Tomb Raider II and III, by using a corner glitch, one can access the roof of the manor. In TR2 this allows immediate access to the secret switch in the hedge maze and access to the balcony off of Lara's room. In TR3, by accessing the roof Lara can also gain access to the race track.


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