For Lara's home in other timelines, see Croft Manor.
Croft Manor Movie

Croft Manor in the movies.

Lara Croft has inherited it from her father. There is a stone tent memorial for Richard Croft on the yard. Bryce, Lara's technical assistant, also lives on the property, although in his recreational vehicle. Hillary works as a butler in the mansion.

The Illuminati attacked the mansion, when Lara found the Clock, damaging it slightly.


  • The exterior of the mansion is Hatfield House[1], Hatfield, north of London. Although the lavish interior, where she practices her bungee ballet is a studio set,[2] the manor's library scenes in both films were actually filmed in Hatfield House's library. The long gallery in Hatfield House was used as one of the Croft Manor hallways in the second film along with the foyer where Lara and Hillary practice martial arts.



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