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"Chak Chel."
―Crimson Fire identifying herself to Lara.[src]

The Crimson Fire is a Yaaxil priestess that appears in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

She represents Chak Chel in The Cleansing.


The Crimson Fire lived within the cenote near Paititi, guarding the Silver Box of Ix Chel. When it was stolen, she and the rest of the Yaaxil lost their purpose, though remained guarding the site of the Ritual of the Silver Box.

She is first encountered by Lara Croft, when she attempted to retrieve the box, and sends the Yaaxil to stop her.

She is again encountered by Lara in the City of the Serpent. Lara realizes that she wants the same thing as the Crimson Fire, to stop the cleansing. Lara offered to work with her, and identified herself as Ix Chel, the Crimson Fire agreed to work with Lara and the Paititi Rebels. Crimson Fire lead the attack on Trinity and Cult of Kukulkan forces. She was the one who eventually killed commander Rourke, who was pinned down in his APC.

After the battle, when Lara had defeated Amaru, Crimson Fire sacrificed the power of the Kukulkan inside of Lara to reignite the sun.

Sometime later, Crimson Fire lead the Yaaxil people to the caverns that connected Paititi to Mission of San Juan. Hidden in the caverns was a silver gateway that transported them back to heaven, to their creator Xquic. Crimson Fire left the mask of Ix Chel and a message for Lara to thank her.


Crimson Fire is dressed very minimally, but quite ornately, with strips of red fabric and jewelry made out of metal and bone. Her face is adorned with red and white face paint and her hair is very ornately styled.

The most prominent feature about her appearance is that her upper lip has been removed, exposing her teeth at all times. Her cheeks also have large scars resembling a Glasgow Smile.

Her voice is deep and coarse, sounding almost demonic.


  • Even though the Crimson Fire is female, she was voiced by a male actor.