Tomb Raider III levels

Crash Site is the second level of the South Pacific Islands in Tomb Raider III. In it, Lara proceeds deeper into the island and discovers another place that time left behind...



Weapons FoundEdit

Allies EncounteredEdit

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Pacific Jungle
  • Crash Site


  • 1 - 2x MP5 Clips
  • 2 - 1x Flares
  • 3 - 1x MP5 Clips


It is time for one of the most popular levels. The dinosaurs from the first game make a return in this level, and they are way much harder this time. The MP5 will be your best friend here to take on these enemies, so if you already have it and have been conserving ammunition for it, it is time to use it the most. Even if you do not have the MP5, you will find it, as well as a huge amount of ammunition for it, in this level.

You will find four soldiers trying to survive in this level. They will help you deal with the Raptors that are around the areas, but if you accidentally shoot them, they will turn their back against Lara. If they die, you can pick up some MP5 Clips from their bodies. Contrary to what the Australian soldier said, you cannot bring the soldiers back to the beach, as an earthquake occurred, which sealed the path to the village.

Drop down out of the tree house and cross the swamp. The parts of the swamp that are solid are determined by a large green plant on them. Use the map the Australian soldier gave to Lara to determine which areas of the swamp are solid and which are not. All of the jumps you must make are running jumps.

Secret 1Edit

When you are standing on the last plant, use a running jump to the ledge beneath the opening in the corner, which is not marked on the map. Climb up to it. Your rewards are two sets of MP5 Clips.

After reaching the end of the swamp, move on to a slope. Use a running jump to the ledge on the left for some Grenades before sliding down the slope into a foggy area. A Velociraptor emerges from the right. Move past the small pool, climb up to the block and jump into the opening. Follow it to the next area. You will emerge in the crash site of an Australian military plane.

A Raptor comes out of a tree ahead, so you know what to do. Now, you have a choice of four areas to visit. You can visit them in any order, and one of the areas is actually unnecessary to.

Compsognathus ChamberEdit

Facing the nose of the plane, go right. You will find a dark chamber in front of a tree. Down here, light a flare and pick up the MP5 Clips. Go to the door at the end and it will open. In the chamber are the corpses of a Raptor and a soldier, as well as some supplies. As you approach them, the door will close behind you, and a pack of Compsognathus will come out to feast. Defeat them and take the supplies; an MP5 (or some MP5 Clips if you already have it) and a Large Medipack. Search the niches of the chamber for two switches, which will reopen the door.

The NestEdit

Facing away from the nose of the plane, drop down on the pit to the left. Climb up into the next area. Take the MP5 Clips from the ledge and move into the clearing. Immediately jump up to the ledge on the right, as two Raptors will come and attack the lone soldier ahead.

Secret 2Edit

Jump to the tree branch above you for a Large Medipack. Now, turn right and use a standing jump with a grab to reach the other branch ahead. Your reward is some Flares.

Slide down the slope ahead. A pack of Compsognathus come out to feast, so defeat them and move on. Circle around the pool and go right. You will find the corpse of a soldier inside a nest, with a key in the middle. Save your game here. Approach the nest and pick up Commander Bishop’s Key, which will summon a T-Rex.

BOSS: T-RexEdit

Immediately return to the pool and go left. Sprint into the open cave with a torch and push the switch. From here, you can safely fight the T-Rex without it even damaging Lara. You can use the Pistols to conserve ammunition, but it takes a huge amount of bullets and time to down the T-Rex. The MP5 or the Grenade Launcher may be a better choice, but you will be wasting unnecessary ammunition.

Once the T-Rex is down, sprint back across the pool and push the switch. This will open the exit, letting out another Raptor. Once all is quiet, you can search the nest for some supplies; a Small Medipack on the ledge to the right of the nest, another Small Medipack on a ledge opposite the slope, some Flares in front of the second switch, and finally, more Flares and another Small Medipack on the exit you just opened. If the soldier (most likely) died, pick up his MP5 Clips. Return to the crash site.


Go to the right of the plane and climb up the slope ahead. You will arrive in an area behind the plane, with two soldiers and a Raptor. Go into the second corridor to the right of the area. Follow it to the end, where you will find another soldier and another Raptor. Do not cross the bridge, or you will fall into the water. If you fall into the water, go to the ledge on the left and quickly climb out to avoid the piranhas. Climb up the ledge on the right and climb up the vines. Jump off, and you will land on a slope. Jump off the slope, then immediately go left and jump to the rocky ledge ahead so that you can fight the Raptor from safety. On this ledge, jump to the triangular ledge in the corner and use a standing jump with a grab to reach the tree branch.

Shoot the Raptor on the other side before picking up the Save Crystal and jumping to the next branch.

Secret 3Edit

Walk to the end of the ledge on the left, which has a slope. Use a standing jump with a grab to reach the ledge to the left of the slope. Your reward is some MP5 Clips. Return to the tree branch.

Jump to the branch where the Raptor was and shoot the carcass hanging in the air, which will distract the piranhas. Use a running jump with a grab to reach the green ledge ahead, which has a Small Medipack. Dive into the water and pull the lever. Climb out on the other side of the bridge. A Raptor emerges from the temple. You know what you have to do. Save your game before going inside.

As soon as you enter the temple, jump to the white block in the dark room so you can fight the Raptor from safety. In here, pull the three switches. Each time you pull one, return to the block and fight the Raptors that come out. Once all is quiet, climb up to the upper ledge and take the Save Crystal. Approach the body on the floor and take the Lieutenant Tuckerman's Key, which will summon another Raptor. You will take some unavoidable damage from it, so ignore a fight and return to the crash site.

Now, it is time to enter the plane. There are two ways to do this. The short path has no supplies, but you will be finishing the level on a faster way. The long path takes a longer time and is more difficult, but you will find some extra supplies, including the rare Uzi Clips.

Short PathEdit

Face the nose of the plane and go right. The slopes next to the side of the plane have a small area that you can stand on, closer to the nose. Do so and climb up to the side of the plane.

Long PathEdit

Face the nose of the plane and go left. Jump to the section of the green slope that you can stand on. Grab the green ledge and shimmy right. Pull up and jump off the slope to reach the ledge behind Lara. Crawl through the space and drop down on the next room. Climb up on the block and grab the ladder in the ceiling. Swing to the next room, but drop down on the ledge beneath you.

From here, drop down to the lower ledge and circle it around to find a switch. Pull it and turn your attention to the pillar in the middle of the room, which has a Save Crystal. To reach it, hop back, take one step forward and use a standing jump. To return to the ledge, use a standing jump with a grab. Return to the first ledge and grab the ladder in the ceiling. Swing straight across. At the very end, let go and immediately hold the Action button again to grab the climbable wall. Climb down and over to the alcove with a switch. Pull it and use a standing jump to return to the pillar that had the Save Crystal on it. Return to the first switch and pull it again.

Grab the ladder again and swing over, taking a left. Follow the long path to the end. Face the climbable wall, let go and immediately hold the Action button again to grab it. Climb straight down, past the grating on the wall. Climb down so that Lara is at the lowest point she can reach with her feet still in the wall and jump off to reach the alcove behind you. Pull the switch, return to the wall, climb up to the grating and pull the other switch. From this ledge, look for a slope to the right, underneath the second switch you pulled. Use a running jump to reach it, slide down, grab the edge, shimmy to the middle, pull up and jump off to reach the pillar. Return to the first ledge again.

Swing back the way you did moments ago. Some gratings appeared, so you can swing to the end. Drop down on the next room and pick up the Uzi Clips from the corner. Climb up the block and use a running jump with a grab to reach the far tree branch. Finally, jump to the top of the plane.

The Paths ConvergeEdit

From the top of the plane, drop down through the trapdoor and quickly shoot the Raptor. Take the MP5 Clips and enter the cockpit. Use the two keys to open a door in the cargo bay. Drop down next to the turret and sprint to the end. Pull the switch to open the cargo doors. Go outside and man the turret. Press the Action button to fire rockets and use the directional buttons to steer the turret. Now, prepare for total siege, as a huge wave of Raptors will come to a last stand. While manning the turret, turn left and right and destroy everything you see. If the three soldiers in this area survived to this moment, they will fall victim of your barrage and it is nearly impossible to save them. Once everything is quiet, man the gun again and look to the left. Shoot the two walls in the distant corner to blow them away. Take the MP5 Clips from the fallen soldiers and jump across the stream. The opening on the right contains a Large Medi-pack and a Save Crystal. Take them and jump to the left opening. Walk down the steps to finish the level.

Lara walks into a small temple and examines a wall, which depicts the events that took place in Antarctica. A tribesman surprises Lara, but he appears to have no violent intent. Lara learns from him that Smythe, one of Stephen’s sailors, came to the island long ago, and that the artifact (the Ora Dagger) is in possession of their god, Puna, who is residing in another temple in the mountains. He then shares the story to her: his tribe appeared to recognize the artifact Smythe was carrying, for they were the descendants of the tribe of Polynesians that once settled in Artactica. As a result, Smythe was brutally killed and eaten by the tribesmen, but not before ordering his other sailors to flee the island. From that moment, the tribe would celebrate an event called the Feast of Smythe, its purpose and longevity unknown. Afterwards, Lara walks down a dark corridor into the next level.