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Confessions of Solarii are unique collectible Documents found in Tomb Raider. There are five total Confessions of Solarii documents in the game, found in various levels.


When we washed up on this rock, the rain and wind pounded us for days. We couldn't build shelter or forage for food... Christ, we couldn't even move. It was like some enormous hand was holding us down.

Just as the storm was finally breaking, Father Mathias came to us. He was calm and soft-spoken. He seemed to know us... our names, where we were from. He spoke to us in our native language. And we listened. And as we listened, he told us the truth of this island. He offered us a choice: salvation or death.

Some chose to defy him. And without hesitation, he killed them then and there. Father Mathias didn't seem malicious or angry, just calm and decisive. As I stood there in the sand, wet with the blood of my comrades, I knew I could never refuse him.

Lara's Thoughts[]

This is the diary of a man named Nikolai, one of the survivors on this island. He mentions a Father Mathias. Is this the same man I met?

The Best Job[]

For better or worse, I now follow Father Mathias. If I'm going to be stuck on this island, at least I have the best possible job. He calls me his first Solarii. Mathias might be insane, but he's smart and dangerous. He knows things about this island. I believe he's our only chance of ever getting out of here.

Mathias keeps us happy. We control the guns and the food. Anything the storms bring to this island is ours and we decide the fate of any new survivors. Any who defy us are killed. We're masters of this fucked up prison.

Lara's Thoughts[]

This group Mathias has formed, the Solarii. They sound like prisoners... dangerous and power-hungry.

Survival of the Fittest[]

Mathias has us look for physically strong men for the brotherhood... but none too smart. They must be willing to take orders and work. Any who question or resist are immediately killed. And the women... Mathias decides their fate. Most are sacrificed to the dark walkers... but some are chosen for the ritual.

We put up with this insane ceremony. Some brothers are even starting to believe in it. Something clearly controls the storms around this cursed island and it will never let us leave. Father Mathias claims to speak to it... her. This Sun Queen spirit, or whatever it is. I don't know what to believe. I'm just doing what I can to survive.

Lara's Thoughts[]

This is insane. Mathias has convinced these men that the spirit of the Sun Queen is somehow alive and keeping them on this island.

Toil and Distraction[]

There are over a hundred of us now. We've started work clearing out the old palace and soon construction will begin on a city around the base of the mountain. The Japanese built a cargo hauling system here years ago that we've gotten up and running again.

Mathias claims we're building in honor of the Sun Queen, like some ancient Egyptian monument. But it's obvious what's going on here. Mathias is stalling for time. This massive project is just to keep them distracted. Even with the rituals and storms and rampant killing, it's only a matter of time before they turn against him.

And when they do, I'll be ready to take control.

Lara's Thoughts[]

The Solarii are organized, they have rules and a purpose. Mathias has seen to that. But like most cults, they're collectively mad.

In Her Honor[]

Every new brother is assigned a job – a purpose in the Solarii. As long as Mathias continues to prove his spiritual connection to the Sun Queen, they will fall in line and believe. Initiation to the brotherhood is brutal. We need to destroy their humanity, so that they in turn can be inhumane. New recruits are thrown into the depths of the caverns and left to starve and fend for themselves for days... sometimes weeks. Those who make it out alive are welcomed with open arms.

I still can't explain what kind of power Mathias has tapped into, but I don't care anymore. We're never getting off his goddamned island – some days I'm convinced we're all in hell already. God knows with the things we've done... we might as well be.

Lara's Thoughts[]

What makes these men truly dangerous is their faith. They believe in the Sun Queen and will stop at nothing to bring her back.