"According to Natla Avalon and the Nordic underworld Helheim are one and the same place. Nobody can enter the realm without Mjölnir, the hammer of Thor, the god of thunder. Did my father look for the hammer in Thailand?"

Coastal Thailand is the second level in Tomb Raider: Underworld and was also the location for the demo on Xbox 360. The demo ends once Lara reaches Bhogavati and has released the wooden floor. The enemies here include spiders, bats, tigers and a race of lizardmen known as "Naga".

Bhogavati is where Lara finds the statue of Shiva and Kali, she must release the ropes for the wooden platform in order to get down to the statue. Once down into the courtyard there are moveable statues with reflective fans which you turn later in the level in order to move and open the Shiva and Kali statue. The hands of Shiva and Kali are missing gems, Lara retrieves these in a large courtyard with Naga enemies. Lara eventually goes back to the Shiva and Kali statue and places the gems in their hands and through scale mechanisms makes them reflect onto the smaller statues in the courtyard earlier. This opens the Shiva statue to another courtyard where Lara must go underground.

This part of the level is called The Ancient World where Lara discovers the purpose of the Gauntlet. She reaches a door where the stone and her bag begin to glow. This lets Lara move stone objects. The next cut scene shows Norse remnants underneath the Shiva temple. Looking at the walls, Lara notices an ancient engraved map that has been recently destroyed. According to the runes, the map was leading to Thor's Belt and hammer. Turning around, Lara looks closer at the pedestal and reads the initials "RJC" have been carved into the stone, along with information about the gauntlet and Jacqueline Natla. "RJC" stands for Richard James Croft, Lara’s father, but he never used his middle name to avoid confusion with his own father. With this clue, Lara understands where her father hid the gauntlet. Lara must then leave the temple, after exiting the room with the pedestal the section is called Puppet no Longer which is quite short. Lara then returns to her yacht and explains to Zip and Alister what she has found.