Coastal Forest
Game: Tomb Raider (2013)
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Coastal Forest is the second level of Tomb Raider (2013).


The Coastal Forest contains the following:

Woman vs. WildEdit

Find Something to eat before starving

  • Search for food.
  • Find a weapon to hunt deer.
  • Collect meat from the deer.
  • Return to camp with the meat.

Just Keep MovingEdit

Exit the forest and regroup with Roth

  • Find a way out of the forest.
  • Explore the bunker
  • Exit the bunker
  • Investigate the strange voices
  • Survive the wolf attack
  • Catch up with Whitman

At an ImpasseEdit

Find a way through the large gate

  • Collect salvage to upgrade the axe [50/50]
  • Find a camp and upgrade the axe
  • Open the Large Gate


  • The mission title, Woman vs. Wild, is an obvious reference to the now-cancelled real life documentary Man vs. Wild.


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