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City of Vilcabamba is second level of Tomb Raider and of Peru. In it, Lara continues her search for the Scion of Qualopec and discovers a long lost Incan city...


See City of Vilcabamba Walkthrough

City of vilcabamba

The Incan city



Weapons FoundEdit

  • None

Allies EncounteredEdit

  • None

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Caves
  • Ruined Incan City

Key Items EncounteredEdit


  • 1 - Small Medipack
  • 2 - Small Medipack and Magnum Ammo
  • 3 - Uzi Ammo

Bugs Edit

Trivial bugs
  • In Vilcabamba left passage, where there is a pool below a series of jumps, one of the textures is upside down.
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