Tomb Raider III levels

City is the fourth level of London in Tomb Raider III. In it, Lara concludes her hunt for The Eye of Isis in the city, but before she can claim it, she must face the mentally deranged Sophia Leigh...



Weapons FoundEdit

  • None

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  • None

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  • City of London



This is the last level of London. It has a Secret in it, but it is otherwise the shortest level in the game.

Sophia has left her office. You can check out the office if you want, but there are no supplies to be had in there. Behind a potted plant in the office, you will find the crawlspace you crawled from the previous level. Now, this leads to a continuity error: at the end of the previous level, Lara crawled away from this crawlspace, yet in the next scene, she walked into Sophia’s office by using the wooden doors practically on the other side of the room.

Go through the door to the right of Sophia’s desk and it will close behind you.

BOSS: SophiaEdit

You will find that Sophia is on a building on the other side of the street. She uses the artifact to fire bolts of energy at Lara. They explode whenever they hit, causing huge amounts of damage. Sophia is invulnerable to all forms of damage except for electricity, so do not even attempt to attack her until you reach a certain point.

Run to the ramp in front of you and climb up the block. Now, either swing across the grating or use a running jump with a grab, either way you will reach the next ledge. Climb up on the left and onto the next ledge with a block on the left. Sprint across the bridge with a Small Medipack in the middle and press the button at the end. Return to the block.

Secret 1Edit

Face Sophia and back off the block to the ledge behind it. Back off this ledge and grab the edge. Shimmy left, drop and grab the opening. Your rewards are a Large Medipack and a Rocket. You will take a small amount of damage from the fall on the way back.

On the next ledge, climb up on the yellow bridge. There is a Large Medipack to the left, but wait until Sophia is defeated before you pick it up. Run to the right, jump to the ladder and climb it up. Ignore the Small Medipack to the left and crawl into the opening. Turn around and jump to the highest ledge. Use a running jump with a grab to reach the ledge ahead. Shoot the fuse box next to the bridge and watch as Sophia finally meets her demise. Now, you can backtrack to collect any supplies you missed.

When you are satisfied, return to the fuse box, climb atop it, and look at the building where Sophia was. Use a running jump to get across. Stephen's artifact, The Eye of Isis, will be in plain sight, but standing on the bridge now is suicide. Press the button on the ledge nearby to turn off the electricity. Approach the bridge and pick up The Eye of Isis, putting an end to your adventure in London.