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China is a unitary sovereign state in East Asia and the world's most populous country.

China is one of the locations visited in Tomb Raider II by Lara and plays a big role in the main story of the game. It also houses the location of a mythical artifact called the Dagger of Xian that is hidden inside the Great Wall.


Original Timeline[]

Lara will initially visit China in search for the Dagger of Xian, but finds out that the door to the Temple of Xian is locked and needs a key in order to unlock the door. When visiting China, Lara will do most of her exploring in the Great Wall and the mysterious secrets surrounding the Great. While scaling the Great Wall, Lara will come across many deadly traps and tricks in which the wall is filled with these perils. After scaling the Great Wall, she will come across one of Bartoli's men, who explains the requirements needed to unlock the main door to the Temple of Xian.

She later returns to China with the Fiamma Nera in hot pursuit in order to finally obtain the Dagger of Xian. On her return to China, most of her adventure will take place in the Temple of Xian and the mythical dimension of Floating Islands. After she successfully defeats Bartoli in The Dragon's Lair, she will retreat from China as the mountain side begins to collapse.

2001 Movie Timeline[]

Lara Croft and Terry Sheridan were after the Mati, they arrived in a remote location via a drop pod, then used the Great Wall of China to reach the criminal Shay Ling. Failing to retrieve the orb, they moved on to Shanghai, where the orb was handed to Jonathan Reiss. Lara and Terry followed Reiss to Hong Kong where they managed to steal back Mati.

Survivor Timeline[]

Lara travels to China with a man named Professor Robert Demur, in order to obtain a sample of a mushroom which is fabled to grant immortality. She races against a crazed group known as Knighthood of the Dark Spore to find the spore and rescue her new colleague.

2018 Movie Timeline[]

Lara Croft visits Hong Kong to find Lu Ren. Lara gets her backpack stolen, after chasing down the thieves and retrieving her bag, she angers the thieves who now want to kill her. Lara runs to Lu Ren's boat, where Lu Ren chases the thieves away at gun point. Lu Ren does same to Lara, but passes out shortly after. After Lu Ren comes to, Lara convinces him to take her to Yamatai.


In-Game Appearances[]

Tomb Raider II[]

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered[]

Tomb Raider II[]

  • The Great Wall
  • Temple of Xian
  • Floating Islands
  • The Dragon's Lair