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Chase Carver is an ex US-Navy SEAL, treasure hunter, and Lara Croft's ex-boyfriend.


Not much is known about Chase's earlier life. He had a younger sister named Kerri, whom he lost contact with. She went on to be a police officer.

Chase enrolled in the United States Navy, eventually joining the Ranks of the Elite Navy SEALs. He eventually left the military and became a treasure hunter.

At some point prior to the series, Chase became involved with Lara Croft whom he affectionately nicknamed "Red". Their relationship ended when Lara discovered that Chase had not only cheated on her and stolen money from her, but he had also salvaged a ship that he and Lara were supposed to excavate together, in order to pay back the money he lost in a casino, an act which Lara called "Stealing a piece of her soul". Chase deeply regretted his actions.

Several years later, Lara crossed paths with Chase again. Both were looking for the Medusa Mask. They were cornered by ninjas, and Lara's butler Hartford Compton was killed in the process. Together they made their way to the location of the mask. Upon entering the cavern, Lara climbed to retrieve the mask, Compton suddenly reappeared and suckerpunches Chase, and warns Lara that Chase had been behind the attack, he told her to throw the mask to him, Lara refused saying she wouldn't leave without him. Compton however betrays Lara and reveals he was behind her parents deaths, and her survival had caused his plan to fail. Compton puts on the mask and is taken over by it. Lara kills him and retrieves the mask. Lara and Chase escaped the cavern. Chase lets Lara give the mask to the man who hired her, to start paying back the money he owed her.

Chase joined Lara on a trip to visit Lara's college room mate, Vanessa, who had made an odd discovery. En route, their jeep is ran off the road by a pterodactyl. Arriving at the dig site, Vanessa shows them the discovery, Dinosaur bones, that have been dated as only having been there for about twenty years. Lara, Chase and Vanessa find a portal which transports them back to the prehistoric era. They are attack by a T-Rex, and separated. Chase is hypnotized, by one of Vanessa's students, who reveals her self to be the mythical, Morgan le Fay, of Arthurian Legend, seeking a powerful stone. Lara manages to snap Chase out of his brainwashing, and destroys the stone. They escape back through the portal and leave Morgan trapped.

Some time later, Chase and Lara are at a police shooting range where a friend of Lara's allowed them to practice. Lara demonstrates her skills by shooting Chases name into her target. Chase angrily yells at Lara that he is tired of all the disrespect she has been giving him and says that he is done. Lara then surprises him by kissing him on the cheek then offering to buy him dinner. Chase then asks Lara if there is any future for them. Lara replies that she is not sure and needs to think about it. Chase later helps Lara escape from the Midnight Squires after they take her prisoner; he joins Lara on her journey to find Samuel Quill.

Chase helps Lara steal a Chinese Helicopter, from a military base. He looks after Lara's former nanny, who had been hit by a car, while Lara goes to find Shangri-La, in an effort to save her life.

Lara later asks Chase to help her while on her latest expedition in Honduras. They arrive at the temple and see the chest containing the lost gold of Christopher Columbus at the bottom of a pool. Chase volunteers to retrieve the chest. By the time he resurfaces, he notices that the skeletons that were littered temple floor had come back to life and were trying to kill Lara; the room was also filling up with a poisonous gas, in which Chase had breathed in when he resurfaced. As they make their way towards the exit, Chase tries to stay behind to stop the skeletons from getting to Lara. Lara pulls him out before the door closes too late as Chase had already succumbed to the poison. Lara tearfully buries him, saddened that he had died, and realizing too late that Chase had truly loved her. She places one of his knight chess pieces on his grave and leaves.

Sometime later Lara found Chase's sister Kerri in Honduras visiting his grave. Kerri held Lara responsible for the death of her brother, but came to realize how much Lara had loved him and they shared an embrace with Kerri asking Lara about what what she knew about her brother.

Chase appeared again when Lara was in New Guinea. Lara was astonished to see him as he had been dead for a long time. Together they tried to escape a fiery inferno. When they finally reached a place that the inferno couldn't reach, Chase changed into a mysterious old man called Ying Yang who had disguised himself as Lara's former lover to help her. He had dove into her thoughts and had seen Chase as the main person she had wanted to see again.

Lara was crushed that Chase had gone out of her life again, so Ying Yang changed back into Chase so Lara could confess her love and give the final goodbye.


Chase is characterized as being lazy, messy and incredibly vain. Despite this he fancies himself a ladies man, much to Lara's annoyance. He's also rather arrogant, leaving as his signature calling card at all of his discoveries, A knight chess piece.

Despite this, Chase is a competent operative and treasure hunter, Lara even says that he's the only person close to her when it comes to finding the unfindable.

His relationship with Lara is very complicated. Though Lara still has feelings for him, she does say that she's not quite able to forgive him for what he did.

Skills and Abilities[]

Chase has a varied skill set. He is not only a capable of taking on trained operatives of the Midnight Squires in unarmed combat, and being a fairly capable marksman.

Chase appears to be a decent actor, fooling the Midnight Squires into believing he is merely a homeless man. As well as this he is able to disguise himself well enough to sneak into a Chinese Army Base in order to steal prototype helicopter.

He is a capable pilot, able to fly a helicopter through the Himalayas with ease.


  • Chase's weapon of choice is a Mauser C96.