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Charles Kane was an old friend of Lara Croft and used to be her History teacher at Wimbledon.

Charles Kane was among the three who held a memorial service for Lara after hearing of her presumed death. They remember her past adventures. Charles tells of the episode in which Lara searches for the Spear of Destiny.


Born in Casablanca, Morocco on November 1st, 1949 to a Moroccan father and a Scottish Mother.

Charles taught history at the Gordonstoun Boarding School. He taught Lara here for eight years, long enough for him to recognize the potential of the young girl.

Having never any children of his own, bonded an almost fatherly relationship with her although only ever seemingly able to keep in touch from afar.

He has a personal interest in the old Iron Curtain countries and with the advent of Glasnost seized his opportunity to visit the Eastern Block whenever he could afford the time.

The Spear of Destiny[]

In 1998, Lara is on the hunt for the Spear of Destiny, which is also being sought after by the Russian mafia. Charles accompanies Lara to track her movements so that he is able to collect her later on. After Lara sets off to infiltrate the Zapadnaya Litsa port, Charles departs on a snowmobile and thereafter boards a ship. Whilst at sea, Charles is still tracking Lara's position. When she emerges after her adventure, Charles goes up to to the deck and utilizes a sniper rifle to make sure that it is her. However, the Spear of Destiny transpired to be one dangerous artifact that was perhaps best left to it's slum.


In-Game Appearances[]

Tomb Raider: Chronicles[]


  • Jean-Yves was to appear in Tomb Raider: Chronicles but was replaced by Charles Kane. The FMV model of Jean-Yves was then re-textured and the head edited to create Charles Kane. The same was done to Jean-Yves' in-game model.
  • Charles Kane seems to bear a resemblance to the 'Anniversary' version of Pierre Dupont.
  • Charles Kane is mentioned to have written a book in Tomb Raider: Anniversary.