Brother Chan Barkhang was a member of the Barkhang Monastery in Tibet.


Joining the MonasteryEdit

At an early age, Chan was placed in the Barkhang Monastery by his parents as they feared that he would be killed by the invading Chinese. By joining the monastery, Chan adopted the name of it. He was subjected to much training in not only physical activities, but also mental.

Protecting the DaggerEdit

One of the monks' duties has always been to prevent the Dagger of Xian's powers being utilised again so they will do everything in their power to prevent it from being recovered. Chan's father bombed a luxury cruise liner at sea because it was carrying the Seraph, an artefact which would ultimately lead it's owner to the dagger. The owner in this case was Gianni Bartoli, leader of the Fiamma Nera cult/organisation that are seeking to recover the dagger.

Discovery of the Maria DoriaEdit


Chan and Lara.

In 1997, the Fiamma Nera discovered the wreck of Gianni's ship, the Maria Doria, after many years. Aware of this, Chan infiltrated the Fiamma Nera's offshore rig in an attempt to stop them. However, he was captured and he came face to face with the son of Gianni Bartoli. Marco. Marco and other Fiamma Nera members attempted to learn the precise location of the Talion beneath the monastery. With great mental strength, Chan was able to withstand the torture. Soon after, Lara Croft arrived and took care of the torturers but Marco had fled. Chan then told Lara his story and about the Seraph and Talion. Hearing everything, Marco emerged on a platform above and shot Chan twice with a silencer.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara CroftEdit


Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara CroftEdit


  • Oh, you are not one of them.
  • Brother Chan Barkhang. You have come for me. I saw bright light surround me.
  • But you are my guide. My path-beater to next incarnation. I have done my time here, haven't I?
  • Nothing! I... I led righteous life... here for reasons rooted only in necessary evil, as my father was before me when he bombed Gianni's vessel deep into these waters. Now I'm here, uh... was here, to prevent his son from salvaging the Seraph.
  • You not know my life's work well. You sure you are not here for them?
  • They want the Seraph to unlock a malignant treasure we contain in our monastery in Tibet. Since being stolen by imbecile vagabonds centuries ago, we've been without key to it. Relying solely on cleansing of our prayers to keep it subdued. Then the occultist, Gianni B. acquired it. Trouble we knew. He breathed life back into ancient belief. One not to be stopped by any amount of head bowing. And now again it is here -- Marco, infected with madness. He has violent mind, but not yet the power to satiate it. So we reach for our weapons once more.
  • Where can you be taking me? Thought this was my big break. Guess change is good at rest. Huh, I need one.


  • Brother Chan Barkhang's model is the same one used as the monks that wield knife-end staffs, just re-textured.




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