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Caves of Kaliya is the fourth level of Tomb Raider III. In it, Lara must navigate through the labyrinth and eliminate the insane Tony in order to claim the Infada Stone...



Weapons FoundEdit

  • Grenade Launcher

Allies EncounteredEdit

  • None

Enemies EncounteredEdit

Locales VisitedEdit

  • Caves of Kaliya, India


  • None


This is the last level of India. It is relatively short and has no Secrets, but navigating through the initial maze can be tedious.

The left path has some Flares down in a pit, as well as some Uzi Clips next to a hole. You can drop down into the hole, but doing so will cost you the right path and the middle level, which has other supplies on them. There is also a cobra in a dead end, so you just need to avoid it.

The right path has a boulder trap right at the beginning. To negotiate the trap, slide down the initial ramp and quickly sprint to either left or right. Move into the next corridor and hop backwards into the slope. The boulder will be right on Lara’s heels, so quickly sprint to the left alcove. A second late, and Lara will be crushed.  Now you can access the middle level.

In the middle level, a dead end in the south area only has a cobra. The northeast corner has some Shotgun Shells. Another dead end in the north area has a cobra and a Small Medipack. You need to push the block forward from either the south or north area to get into the twisting hallways of the west areas. At the end of the long corridors, you will find a pit that leads to the lower level. If you took the pit next to the Uzi Clips in the upper level, you will completely skip the middle level, costing you the supplies in it.

The lower level is full of twisting hallways and crawlspaces, but no supplies. The southern end has a cobra in it, so avoid it. Your goal is in the north. When you reach there, you will find some Flares and a Save Crystal over a hole. When you are ready, save your game, light a Flare, and jump down the hole.

When you fall into the hole, you will take damage from the fall and four cobras will surround you at all sides. Be careful not to get poisoned, get out of harm’s way and then quickly kill the four cobras. Move on and stand in front of the two slopes. This will trigger a boulder, so move out of the way. Go down to the end of the chamber, shooting the six cobras on the way. Crawl through the hole at the end and pick up the Small Medipack and the Save Crystal. Save your game if you want, then slide down the slope.

BOSS: TonyEdit

This would-be adventurer gives to Lara a maniacal laugh before he harnesses the powers of the Infada Stone. The water around the chamber turns into lava, which will kill you instantly should you fall in.

You do not need to jump around the other platforms. Tony’s method of attack is shooting fireballs at Lara, which that will set her on fire, but you can easily avoid it. Shoot him with the Pistols while jumping left and right repeatedly. It is also possible to begin attacking as soon as you are sliding into the room and before Tony has the chance to attack. As long as you keep jumping, he will never be able to hit you.

Once Tony is defeated, run and jump along the other platforms to claim the supplies; a Small Medipack, some Grenades, and a Grenade Launcher. Jump to the central platform, where Tony was, and pick up the Infada Stone, thus ending your adventure in India.

Lara comes out of the caves and arrives in a river. Someone yells for her on a boat. Boarding the boat, Lara meets Dr. Mark Willard, a Scottish doctor, of the RX-Tech mining company. Dr. Willard states that he sent Tony after the artifact, but after he saw what Lara did, he decided that her work was more creditable. Dr. Willard states that the Infada Stone is made of meteorite, but it actually turns out to be of a unique, unknown material, upon close inspection. He also reveals that there are three other artifacts like it. To explain the origins of the meteorite pieces, he hands to Lara a diary. The diary appears to be of a man named Stephen, a sailor who was on Charles Darwin ’s charge.

As Lara reads it, the events depicted in the book appear. On August 13, 1834, Stephen and four other sailors (SmytheHendersonJonson and Paul) reach an island near Antarctica and decide that hunting for food is better than collecting samples. They follow the trail of some sort of animal footprints into a large ice cave. There, they discover four artifacts that have been carved into different shapes by a tribe of Polynesians that settled there long ago. Stephen continues to follow the trail of the animal footprints. Paul gloats that there are only four artifacts, so they may not find another one. The creature they were hunting is actually a wolf, and it jumps out of the shadows and attacks Paul. The other sailors run away while Stephen fires his gun, scaring the wolf. Stephen attempts to carry Paul to safety, but the wolf returns. As Stephen attempts to cross the bridge, it collapses. The wolf is impaled by a huge icicle while Stephen falls into a tunnel and slides into an ice wall. The wall breaks and Stephen falls outside. Stephen survives, but Paul is already dead. The sailors bury Paul’s body, and Stephen takes Paul’s journal before returning to the ship, promising to keep the existence of the wolf a secret to Darwin.

After Lara finishes reading the diary, Dr. Willard states that Stephen was the sole survivor of the four, and that the other sailors were met with grisly ends and that three of the artifacts went down with them; one died there in India, Smythe died in the South Pacific Islands, and the last one apparently died in the Nevada desert. Stephen kept the last artifact to himself and returned to London to sell it off, under the belief that a curse befell on him and his comrades. Lara likes the idea and decides to find the rest of the artifacts.

You can now select which place you would like to go next: Nevada, London, or the South Pacific Islands. It may be wise to go to Nevada first, as Lara will permanently lose all of her items there, and this cannot be avoided. With this in mind, it is a much better idea to lose them now and rebuild your inventory in the South Pacific and London, than to lose them later and go to Antarctica, the final location, with barely any items. The choice is yours, as you can select them in any order.


The cutscene for this level: