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Father Bram Patrick Dunstan was an old friend of Lara Croft and her family's priest.

An orphan, raised and trained in a monastery, he left to travel the Amazon basin, as a missionary. Pursues an interest in the paranormal, after being exposed to mysterious incident in Haiti. He returned to southern Ireland and took up his position as local priest for Connussie. In this short time he became close friends with Winston, and although returning to his travels as religious emissary, would return often to see his companion, and henceforth to eventually meet Lara Croft.

Father Patrick was one of the three who held a memorial service for Lara when they heard of her presumed death. They remembered her past adventures. Father Patrick tells of the episode in which Lara lets her curiosity lead her to stowaway aboard Father Patrick's hired boat going to an island in which strange occurrences were reported.


In-Game Appearances[]

Tomb Raider: Chronicles[]


Seated in a car with Winston

  • "Tis a sad day Winston."
  • "Surely Winston, and for this is but a memorial service, there may yet be news from Von Croy in Egypt."
  • "Indeed, indeed."

Rome Introduction

  • "And Rome still bears the scars of that little episode."