"What is this? A little rat!"

Boris is a high ranking member of the Solarii Brotherhood, he is seen leading a group of Solarii that are scavenging the wreckage from the Endurance.


Nothing is known about Boris's life before he came to Yamatai.

On the EnduranceEdit

Boris appears in the mission "Gone Missing", where Lara Croft is on her way to find Alex Weiss who was sent to find tools for Reyes from the Endurance to help fix an old P.T boat. She discovers that a group of Solarii are scavenging the remains of the ship. Lara zip lines down to the boat and hides underneath pipes and fishing pots and notices one of the Solarii struggling to move a crane used by using a pulley. Boris takes over, pushing him out of the way and uses his rope ascender to pull the crane over to them. At any point Lara is able to engage Boris and the two Solarii brothers on deck with him. This leads to a mini boss fight.


Boris is a literal giant of a person, heavily armored and is impossible to engage him with Lara's pick axe. If the player tries to, they will only be picked up and thrown away. He also throws fierce, brutal punches. His armor makes him invincible to all shots except his head, however he will almost always have his arms raised, protecting his face. There are two ways to kill Boris, one option is to have him come to you and when he attempts to punch you, dodge his attack and perform a quick time event that stabs him in the leg with one of Lara's arrows, then shoot him in the head while he is down. The other option is to shoot him in the head, shooting past his arms. After a few clean shots, he will fall to his knees. Either way, Lara must use her pick axe on him while he is down and after two quick time events, Lara will have successfully killed Boris with a final stab to the head.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Boris appears to be a very aggressive person, as he is seen pushing a fellow Solarii brother who is struggling to move a crane with a pulley, and when fighting Lara, he is constantly shouting insults out at her such as "What is this? a little rat!" Boris also seems to be feared by other Solarii brothers as before Lara reaches the ship, she can overhear a conversation of them saying how Boris doesn't know his fellow brothers Dmitri and Nikolai have been killed and when he finds out, he will be furious. One even states that he doesn't want to be the one to tell him. Boris is a large person heavily covered in armor as well as having a dark skin tone bold head and beard.


  • "What is this? A little rat!"
  • "Come here, little... rat I want to kill you!"
  • "You're the one who killed Vladimir!"


  • Boris is the largest known member in the Solarii brotherhood as well as the strongest. One Solarii member states that he will be furious when he finds out his brothers Dmitri and Nikolai are dead. However, since they all call each other "brothers" it is unlikely that he is related to them.
  • Boris can also be seen carrying a stuffed Bunny in his waist pouch. Usually easy to find after you've defeated him.


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