"Wretched pyros!"
―Dr. Mark Willard[src]

Billy was a scientist working for Rock Technology (RX-Tech) under Dr. Mark Willard.


Fascinating DiscoveriesEdit


Drilling into the ice.

In 1998, Billy was a part of one team of scientists under the leadership of Dr. Mark Willard who were drilling down into the snow in Antarctica. The drill became jammed and a piece of machinery broke off. The drill was raised back up to the surface. Billy then checked the readings on whatever it was that was blocking the drill. The results were very curious. A completely unknown material that originated from a meteorite. While Dr. Willard checked out Site Two, Billy was tasked with detonating an explosive. At Site Two, to his surprise, Willard saw that the scientists working at this site had discovered statues that resembled those on Easter Island. Willard hastily reached for his radio and ordered Billy not to set the explosive. Billy's radio was out of his hearing range. Not acknowledging the orders, Billy detonated the explosive. Willard was unhappy but thanks to Billy's detonation, they made another discovery. The grave of Paul Caulfield, a sailor from Charles Darwin's expedition on the HMS Beagle.


Although it is uncertain, Billy could have been amongst the scientists in Antarctica when Lara Croft delivered the meteorite artefacts to Dr. Willard. If that is the case, then Billy may have been shot by Lara or was one of the unfortunate scientists who were experimented on by Willard.


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