Bats TR3

Bats are an enemy in the Tomb Raider series. In Tomb Raider, they are the weakest and least dangerous enemies being able to be killed with a single pistol shot, though due to their small size, it may still sometimes take a few shots until they are hit. In Tomb Raider III, they are not enemies, they are simply in areas for effect and to scare the player. They then return in Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation as enemies again, still weak, but stronger than in Tomb Raider. In Tomb Raider: Chronicles, they can not be killed and will appear in swarms, sap Lara's health and then vanish. In Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness, some bats will attack and some will not, again they're the easiest enemy to kill. in Shadow of the Tomb Raider bats appears as environmental hazard, as they sometimes scare Lara off a ledge, or just for aesthetics in the background.

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