The Barkhang Monks are a group of monks that resides in the Tibetan Foothills and are responsible for protecting the Talion, an ancient artefact that grants access to the resting place for the Dagger of Xian. They will go to great lengths to protect the Talion to the point where they must sacrifice innocent lives. Lara comes across these group of monks while searching for the Talion.


The monks have always protected the Talion, a sacred key that unlocks the entrance to the resting place of the dagger. Prior to the story of Tomb Raider II, a mobster named Gianni Bartoli, the late father of Marco Bartoli, managed to get a hold of the Seraph, a key artefact needed to unlock the gate protecting the Talion. In desperation, the Barkhang monks bombed Bartoli's luxury ship, the Maria Doria, killing everyone aboard the ship and plundering the Seraph to the bottom of the sea. Since the loss of the Seraph, the monks could only pray that no one could get their hands on the Seraph.


Tomb Raider IIEdit

Lara first comes across a Barkhang monk in the Diving Area, where she comes across Brother Chan, who is badly injured and bruised. He explains to Lara about the Seraph and how Marco Bartoli is after their prized artifact. Before finishing his story though, he is assassinated by Bartoli with Lara barely escaping his gun fire.

After Lara finds the Seraph from the Maria Doria wreck site, she travels to Tibet in search for the Talion. She eventually comes across the Barkhang Monastery, where she encounters the Barkhang monks brotherhood. In addition, she also comes across a group of Bartoli's mercenaries that are in search of the Talion. While in the Monastery, the monks will assist Lara in combating Bartoli's henchmen. They will attack his henchmen using spears and knives, and will often assist Lara in combat.

If Lara chooses to or accidentally wounds a monk, they will turn their backs on her and will treat her as an enemy including attacking her and they will not stop until she is been killed. This can be avoided by letting the monks engage in combat while fighting the henchmen.


The monks that use the same model as Chan Barkhang once wielded the same weapons as the other monk type in an earlier version. In the final version they wield knife-end staffs.