"Whatever it takes for my country."
―Sergeant Azizas[src]

Azizas was a sergeant in the Egyptian Army.


Battle in CairoEdit

"What in God's name has happened here? Where are the rest of my men?"
―Sergeant Azizas[src]

On December 31st 1999, the Egyptian Army were called in to liberate the city of Cairo due to the invasion of Set's armies. Around some of the streets, Sergeant Azizas and his men mined some of the streets to prevent contamination. At the entrance to the citadel of Saladin, Azizas and his men were retreating and encountered a creature from their ancient past. It rose up from the earth and massacred Azizas' men. Narrowly surviving, Azizas crawled his way to some cover in a nearby street where he lay slumped up against a wall. Later, Lara Croft found him. She wanted to get into the citadel. Azizas told her of the creature blocking the entrance and advised that she would need some particular pieces of equipment to get past it. Lara left him to collect the components.


"Someone needs to drive that truck in there."
―Sergeant Azizas[src]

Azizas gets into the truck.

Clinging on to life, Azizas was still alive when Lara returned to him with all of the components. Lara helped him into her motorcycle and drove him to the ammunition truck at the entrance to the citadel. When all is ready to destroy the creature, Azizas produces his rifle and fixes it's aim at Lara. Not wishing to allow Lara to stop him, Azizas intends to sacrifice himself by driving the explosive-clad truck into the creature. He bids Lara farewell and gets into the driving seat of the truck. Lara takes cover and watches as the sergeant drives the truck into the creature, killing it and allowing Lara entry to the citadel at last. Lara salutes the now dead Azizas and ventures into the citadel to rescue her friend, Jean-Yves, from the clutches of Professor Werner Von Croy.

In-Game AppearancesEdit

Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationEdit


Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationEdit

Cutscene - Sergeant 01Edit

  • What in God's name has happened here? Where are the rest of my men?
  • Yes, yes... This, this is good. You must help us to... to... to... liberate the city.
  • This is not so good. This is where the main activity takes place.
  • We encountered it as the skies began to darken. A creature of our ancient past. It tore through my men like a firestorm. I manged to station an ammunition truck before the beast... had a mind to ignite the explosive device in the area, but with renewed vigor, it forced us back. It was as if it knew of our plans.
  • You have spirit. Perhaps... As we retreated, we had mined some of the streets to prevent contamination. Two of my men are still in the area. Out of the northern cemetery. One of them holds the frequency for the mine detector. The other holds the second half of the code for the explosive device.
  • Tell them that Sergeant Azizas sent you. I heard your motorbike. Once you have the codes, take me on it to the ammunition truck. I shall eradicate the blockage. But hurry! I am not long of this world.

Cutscene - Sergeant 02Edit

  • Your bike will need modifications to clear some of the larger obstacles. Nitrous Oxide connected to the carburetor should give you the extra punch. Go! Bring me the codes!

Cutscene - Crocodile GodEdit

  • You are a strong woman.
  • After all we've been through, I think not. This is merely insurance.
  • Against your stopping me from doing my duty. Someone needs to drive that truck in there.
  • Whatever it takes for my country. In the next life, then, my friend.


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