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Atlas de Mornay is the brother of Amelia Croft. He was the executor of the Croft Estate until Lara was able to prove she was the rightful heir.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Atlas grew up with his sister Amelia, being groomed to believe that status was the most important thing in life.

His sister Amelia was arranged to marry the Earl of Farringdon. However much to his disgust, she began a relationship with Richard Croft. Croft, despite holding the title of Lord was looked down upon by Atlas and his parents. He attempted to dissuade her from pursuing this relationship as Croft's reputation had sullied his family name. He was angered further when Amelia announced that she was breaking of her engagement to the Earl of Farringdon.

After Amelia disappeared, he sent his brother in law a scathing letter, blaming him for his sister's disappearance, and not so subtly telling him that he should take his own life.

Croft named Atlas the executor of the Croft estate some time later, and Atlas vowed to destroy the Croft Family for what happened to Amelia.

After his brother in laws death, he took control of the Croft estate. However he was unable to do anything with it due to Lara's claim to the Manor. However upon turning 18, Lara showed no interest in taking control of the estate, or signing it over to her uncle. Atlas bid his time, waiting for his chance to destroy the manor.

Lara seeks control of the Croft Estate Edit

Lara went to meet with her uncle in order to take control of the Croft estate, after her return from Yamatai, to try and help a man she believed to be Grim. He refused stating that he did not believe she was responsible enough. He forced her to seek help to prove she was still mentally sound after her ordeal. To his shock, Lara's therapist reported back to him that Lara was indeed of sound mind, despite blaming herself for the incident.

Atlas discovers that Lara had went to Turkey, supposedly for a sight seeing trip, and upon returning, had went to live in the manor. Unconvinced, he sent her a letter, stating that he knew she was up to something, and that he would not allow her to use the Croft assets to continue the obsession which cost him his sister, finally threatening to find some way to revoke her claim to the Croft fortune if she didn't relinquish her claim on the manor voluntarily.

He sends her another letter, stating that her claim to the manor is null due to her father not leaving a will, and her mother having never been found was never declared deceased. Meaning their possessions could not pass on to her legally. He offered her a monthly payment from her trust fund, if she vacated the premises before the end of the week.

Several days later however, Atlas received a notarized affidavit from Lara, declaring that she had discovered her mother had been laid to rest within the Croft family crypt. With Amelia's death confirmed, her will was for Lara to gain all of her possessions. With his claim to the Croft manor void, he signed ownership of the manor as well as all of the Croft family assets, as well as title over to Lara. He sent her a letter confirming this, as well as offering his assistance in running the estate should she need it.

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Trivia Edit

  • Atlas seeking control of the Croft fortune may be a reference to the previous timeline, where Lara had to legally stake her claim against relative to gain control over her father's possessions.
  • Despite being a colleague of Lara's therapist, it is unknown if he is aware of his affiliation with Trinity though if so it's possible Atlas himself could be affiliated with Trinity.
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