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""That's nothin' pal. I grew up in Glasgow.""
―Grim, held at knife point[src]

Angus "Grim" Grimaldi is a character in Tomb Raider (2013) and is the helmsman of the Endurance before its destruction.


Early Life[]

Grim grew up in Gorbals, a notorious neighborhood of Glasgow, Scotland, with his twin brother Cuddy, and sister Morag. As a child he always felt a kinship with water and often built makeshift boats out of junk and taught himself to sail on the river Clyde which flows through Glasgow, he began to prefer life at sea than on land.

Grim has sailed all the oceans of the world, which included stints working for the Merchant Navy where he met Conrad Roth.

Roth and Grim found a kinship and stuck together after their service. They traveled the world and took any job that paid well, all of them dangerous and most of them of questionable degrees of legal.

Grim and Roth saved each other’s skin on numerous occasions. When Roth purchased the Endurance, Roth would not trust anyone else but Grim at her helm.

Grim became friends with Richard Croft when he began hiring Roth as a bodyguard and for transportation to and from villages. He attended the wedding of Richard and Amelia DeMornay in Luxor. He valued the Crofts as friends, and was very fond of their daughter Lara. He was deeply saddened by their premature deaths.

After Lara had been orphaned, Grim helped Roth look after her whenever he was able.

At one point, Grim and Roth were hired to reclaim an item for a client, which led to them travelling to Somalia. They ended up captured after a firefight, and bound up. Grim managed to hide a razor blade in his mouth, which they used to sever their bonds. They managed to reclaim the clients stolen property and escape.

When Grim's mother got sick, he was unable to face the reality of his mother dying, so he did not visit her in hospital, and didn't attend the funeral. This caused a rift between him and his brother, and they never spoke again.

At one point Grim was fishing on Loch Ness late at night, when something came looming out of the water at him. He believes that it was the Loch Ness Monster that attacked. He claims to have scared it off by giving it "the old Glasgow Kiss (headbut)." After this event he quit drinking.

Expedition to Yamatai[]

After Roth is chosen to be part of the crew for the third season of James Whitman's show. Roth insists that he pick his own crew, and Grim takes up the position as helmsman, though he is not very keen on Whitman, and believes Roth to be "selling his soul."

Grim made no effort to hide the fact he though Whitman was washed up, and too soft. Which in turn led to Whitman being very condescending towards him. However Grim didn't seem to be bothered by Whitman's opinion in the slightest.

Despite Whitman's presence, Grim seemed very enthusiastic to be in documentary once Sam had taken over as director, as he was very keen to tell his stories to her, though he didn't seem to like Whitman at all and thought of him as washed up.

After the storm struck the Endurance Grim, managed to get to shore, alongside Alex, Jonah, Reyes and Whitman. They received Roth's transmission and began the long trek to his position. En route they came across Lara, who had been trapped in a bear trap. After they freed her, Lara informed them of Sam's disappearance. Grim goes with Reyes, Alex and Jonah to try and find Sam, while Whitman goes with Lara to meet with Roth.

Some time later, Grim is captured by the Solarii Brotherhood, along with the rest of his group. However, he managed to escape and cause a lot of trouble for the Solarii, killing several of them. Lara soon him on her way to rescue them, he expresses great joy that she is still alive. However, Lara needs to take the long way around as the ladder had been destroyed, leading to Grim being captured again.

After a brief firefight, the Solarii present Grim to Lara, as a way to try and force Lara to surrender, which Grim tells her not to do. However she relents once they cut Grim with a machete. Unwilling to let Lara surrender, Grim fights back against his captors. He gets the machete, and kills two, while the third begins to shoot at him. Grim charges at him, forces him into a wall, and headbutts him. The wall falls away and the Solarii member loses his balance, and begins to fall, however he grabs Grim and drags him into the ravine with him.

Lara vowed to make the Solarii pay for his death.

Post Yamatai[]

Several weeks later, Lara receives a video, showing that Grim is being held captive by a group of bandits, prompting Lara to travel to Mexico in order to rescue him.

Lara's trek through the jungle, results in her capture just as she reaches the enemy stronghold, and thrown into a pit, with who Lara believes to be Grim, however, reveals that he is in fact not Grim, but his twin brother, Cuddy. Lara sadly relents that Grim hadn't survived, but resolves to get Cuddy out regardless.


  • Grim's hat is very dear to him and he apparently never takes it off. Jonah once stole it from him, angering him, Alex jokingly expressed surprise that Grim hadn't nailed it to his head.
  • Grim had a small sailboat named "The Bonny Betty"
    • Though unconfirmed, it is possible that Grim named his boat after his mother.
  • Grim had two pet cats, called Tattie and Neeps, Tattie is a Scottish slang term for a potato, and Neeps is another word for a Swede. Both are foods commonly eaten with Haggis.
  • Grim is a supporter of Celtic F.C as revealed in issue 3 of the comic series.
    • This means that it is very probable that Grim is a Catholic.



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