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Ana is a senior agent of Trinity. She and her brother Konstantin were raised by Trinity, though her loyalty to them is not strong as she is aware that as soon as she is no longer useful to them she is expendable.

She serves as the main antagonist in Rise of the Tomb Raider.


At some point during their youth, Ana cut Konstantin's hands with a knife while he slept, to represent stigmata. Konstantin believed that the marks appeared by Yahweh's will as a sign that he was his chosen warrior.

As an adult, Ana began working for Trinity as a spy. She was later trained in assassination.

Getting close to Lord Croft[]

Ana was tasked by Trinity High Council leader Pedro Dominguez with getting close to his old associate Lord Richard Croft, a formerly acclaimed archaeologist, whose research into the supernatural and the immortal soul was of interest to Trinity, in the hopes that he could be swayed from possibly exposing Dominguez's birthplace, the hidden city of Paititi, to the outside world.

Ana approached Croft at a conference he was speaking at. He was surprised to find her questions were "intelligent, almost innocent in their inquisitiveness."

After a while, Ana began a romantic relationship with Lord Croft, who later introduced her to his daughter, Lara, on the suggestion of his butler, who thought Lara could do with a female role model, due to her tomboyish behavior.

After Lord Croft discovers Trinity are onto him, Dominguez orders his execution. Ana is unable to perform the task herself, as she had fallen in love with Croft despite the foundation of their relationship being a lie. Dominguez then orders someone else to commit the deed, and Croft's death was staged to look like a suicide, his body soon discovered by Lara.

At some point after this, Ana is diagnosed with a terminal disease. This causes her to become desperate to find the Divine Source, however, Trinity cannot locate it and keep hitting dead ends. Ana realizes that the only chance she has is in Lord Croft's research, but Lara is the only one who would be able to decipher it.

Monitoring Lara[]

Years later, Lara resumes her father's research into the immortal soul, after finding evidence of it first hand, whilst on an expedition to find the lost kingdom of Yamatai. Ana reaches out to Lara and recommends a therapist for Lara to speak to about her experiences, secretly having all of their sessions recorded.

She subtly manipulates Lara into continuing her father's research, through reverse psychology, though she worries Lara's friends.

Ana goes to Lara's apartment one night to try and learn more about her father's research. She leaves via the fire escape before Lara arrives, and makes her way back inside to speak to Lara, almost being attacked by Lara in the process. Lara informs her that she has found the tomb of the Deathless Prophet, in Syria, hopefully to find the Divine Source, an artifact which apparently holds the power to grant eternal life. Ana tries to persuade her to go home. Lara ignores her and goes to Syria.

One of Trinity's goons, finds that Lara has found a link between the Prophet's tomb in Syria and the lost city of Kitezh, in Siberia. Ana heads out with Konstantin and a battalion of Trinity's forces. After arriving in the area, she ordered the capture and interrogation of the residents of the area including their leader.

Some time later, a sentry caught Lara and managed to knock her out. Ana concocts a plan to trick Lara into revealing the location of the Divine Source. When Lara regains consciousness, Ana feigns terror, before Konstantin comes in with a fiber wire and begins choking, Ana. When Lara states she doesn't know where the Divine Source is, Ana calls off Konstantin, Lara is horrified upon the revelation.

Ana offers Lara a position at Trinity, but is refused outright. She orders Konstantin to keep her alive for the time being, though this is much to Konstantin's dislike as he believes Ana's dwelling in the past will hold them back in their pursuit for the Divine Source.

A short time later, Ana and Konstantin are going over the local settlements, Ana orders a battalion be sent to raid a village nearby, unaware that Lara and Jacob had escaped and were eavesdropping on them.

The alarm is raised when Lara and Jacob's escape is discovered. Ana sends out the troops to recapture or kill her, though they are unsuccessful.

Trinity's invasion is mostly unsuccessful, though they are made aware of a map, known of the Atlas that can lead the way to Kitezh, and by extension, the Divine Source. Ana reminds Konstantin that if he fails, she will die. They manage to find out that the Atlas is located within the ruins of the old cathedral overlooking the remnant village.

In the Cathedral, Ana supervises the operation to recover the Atlas, sending several troops down to the lower levels where the are slaughtered by the Deathless ones. While overseeing an upper level of the cathedral, Ana is suddenly grabbed by Lara who uses her as a human shield to buy time, to improvise an escape plan, which involves blowing up the floor they are standing on. Killing all of the men in the area, though Lara and Ana are left dangling from rope, being weighed down by generators. Lara destroys the generators allowing them both to get to safety. Ana repeats her offer to Lara to join Trinity, however Lara retorts by shooting her in the shoulder, before storming off to retrieve the source. Ana orders her men to kill Lara and retrieve the Atlas.

After Lara gets the Atlas, Trinity sends a strike team to the observatory, to retrieve it. They are successful, retrieving the Atlas, and capturing Jonah. Ana and Konstantin manage to decipher the Atlas, and find the location of Kitezh, beneath the glacier. Ana leaves to mobilize their forces to prepare to break through the glacier.

The following day, Trinity are prepare to force their way through the ice, they manage to succeed raining down an massive amounts of debris on the city. Ana and a group of guards make their way to the chamber of souls, where she retrieves the Divine Source. Lara arrives and informs her that Konstantin is dead, and that more people will die if Trinity gets their hands on the Divine Source. Ana reveals to Lara she has no interest in giving the source to Trinity, as she never truly cared about their cause/beliefs and only wanted to save herself from death. Pleading with Lara to not destroy the Source, Ana tries to change her mind by saying they could save countless people with the artifact and pointing out that if she destroyed it, her father would forever go down in history as lunatic and a disgraced archaeologist. However, Lara refuses to back down, arguing that humans are not supposed to live forever and that she is willing to sacrifice her fathers reputation in order to keep the world safe. One of Ana's guards arrives and alerts her that they are surrounded by the Deathless, only to be killed by Jacob. Ana retaliates by shooting him several times, wounded, Jacob warns her that the source is not meant for the world, as it has wrought nothing but destruction.

Ana pleads with Lara to let her keep the source to save herself from death, saying that another Croft does not need to die. Lara adamantly refuses, stating she's willing to die in order to protect others. The Deathless close in, with no alternative, Ana unwraps the Divine Source and gazes upon it. However, as it begins to absorb out her her soul, it overwhelms her and she drops it. Picking it up, Lara destroys the Source, ending the Deathless, as well as Jacob, leaving Ana with no possible cure.


Ana leaves the crumbling city with Lara. In her weakened state, she stops to rest, Lara asks what Ana meant by "Another Croft doesn't have to die for this." as Konstantin had revealed to her that her father was murdered by Trinity. Lara aims a gun at her and demands to know the truth. Ana confirms, that Trinity did order his execution, but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Lara accuses her of lying, but Ana insists that she loved Lord Croft. She is then shot and killed by Trinity assassin on orders from Commander Rourke on Dominguez's orders, although Lara was ordered to be spared.

The Nightmare[]

Lara saw Ana in a nightmare when she was dosed with hallucinogens in Paititi, and during which she saw her in a passageway she crawled through earlier. Ana was amongst the dead, but suddenly came to life and grabbed her hand.


Ana is an attractive woman, with blonde hair, grey eyes, and pale skin.

As a result of her illness, the sclerae of her eyes are faintly bloodshot, and her skin becomes paler as the story goes on, being almost devoid of color at the time of her death.


Ana portrays herself as a soft spoken and caring individual towards Lara, wanting what's best for her, and for her to not get mixed up in the work that consumed her father.

However, this is all a facade. Ana is a calculating individual who is an excellent manipulator, as she was able to manipulate her brother, who was a meek child into becoming a cold, apathetic killer who would stop at nothing to complete his mission, which he believed to be ordained by Yahweh.

Unlike Konstantin, Ana's faith in the Yahweh is shaky at best and she holds no illusions about being irreplaceable to Trinity. As time goes on she becomes more and more desperate to save herself.

But like her brother Ana is ruthless towards her subordinates, not caring for their lives and seeing their deaths as necessary sacrifices.

Despite all this, Ana did truly seem to care for Lara's well being, offering her a chance to join Trinity on multiple occasions. Even after Lara shot her in anger, Ana still did not want to take her life (at least with her own hands) as she once again had the chance to kill Lara in the Chamber of Souls when holding her at gunpoint, but still couldn't bring herself to pull the trigger.


Ana started out in the role of a therapist. She tried to get Lara to stop researching into the mystical.[1]



  • Ana is first mentioned in Issue 18 of the comic series. She apparently recommended someone for Lara to talk to about her experiences.
  • Ana is voice acted by Kay Bess, who had done much with narrating documentaries and voiced several characters in Dead Space.
  • Ana's last name is never revealed.
  • Ana wears glasses in the photo she took with Richard and Lara however she's never seen wearing them in game.