The Amulet of Horus was an ankh-shaped artefact imbued with the power to banish the god Set from the world. In addition, it is also the key required to unlock the Temple of Semerkhet at Karnak and the crusaders' vaults at the Citadel of Saladin in Cairo.

On 26th December 1999, famous archaeologist-adventurer Lara Croft was hired anonymously to raid the unopened tomb of Set where, in the burial chambers, she discovered the amulet. It was still where Set's nephew Horus had left it five thousand years ago, keeping his uncle at bay. Lara removed it from the sarcophagus, unknowingly releasing Set from his banishment, allowing him to return to the world at the turn of the Millennium.

Throughout Lara's quest to gather together the artefacts required to summon Horus and stop Set, the amulet would change hands a few times before finally ending up in Lara's possession again. She then took it with her to Giza and the Great Pyramid.

At the Temple of Horus, Lara placed the amulet and armour of Horus upon the statue of the falcon-headed deity, beginning the summoning. However, Set's locusts swarmed into the cavern and destroyed the armour and statue, flinging the amulet into the surrounding water. With Set now before her, Lara scooped up the amulet and hastily rushed out of the cavern where she was able to place the amulet on a trapdoor thus entombing Set inside for all eternity.

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