Alister Fletcher is a character featured in Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider: Underworld.


Alister Fletcher is Lara's research assistant and a repository for a fantastic array of detailed historical information. He confines his researches to libraries and museums, however, concentrating on understanding and explaining what has already been found, as opposed to Lara's search for new artifacts. He's a 15th-year doctoral student at Oxford and hasn't received his doctorate because his belief that everything is connected to everything else makes it impossible for him to draw the boundaries required to finish his dissertation.

Alister informs Lara through the headset about the historical facts, while in the library of Croft Manor. When Lara discovers small secrets in the library of Croft Manor, Alister will make comments on it.

Alister once again helps Lara in Mediterranean Sea and Thailand alongside with Zip through Lara's laptop. Alister is walking down to the crypt in the Croft Manor with Lara to help her find a way to Richard workplace. Once Lara returns to Croft Manor from the crypt, she realizes that someone lit the manor on fire and Alister is nowhere to be found. Lara ordered Zip and Winston to leave the property, and promised to find Alister herself. Lara's Doppelgänger shoots Alister, and he dies and Lara carries him out to Zip and Winston Smith.


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