Alisha Reyes is the daughter of Joslin Reyes and Conrad Roth.

Despite her mother's plan on not telling her who her father was, or telling her father that she was his daughter, Alisha realized Roth was her father on her own.

She accompanied Reyes to the Endurance prior to the departure of the Endurance. She stayed with her Aunt while her mother was gone.

Reyes finally told Roth that Alisha was his daughter, during the voyage, saying that she never told him due to his lifestyle and knowing he would not want to stay away from the sea. Alisha was the reason Reyes was so eager to get off the island, as she didn't want her daughter to lose both of her parents.

Alisha was used by the cult of Solarii worshipers, in order to gain leverage over Reyes and Lara Croft. She didn't approve of her mother's callous attitude and blaming of Lara for Roth's death, knowing that Roth and Lara had been close. Reyes started to lighten up on Lara as a result, she even gave her mother "puppy dog eyes" in order to force her to accompany Lara and Jonah back to Yamatai to rescue Sam.

Reyes later told Alisha that Roth was her father, however Alisha tells her that she had already known.

Trivia Edit

  • In Reyes letter to Alisha, where she tells Alisha Roth is her father, it states that Alisha doesn't know Roth, however this is clearly contradicted by the Tomb Raider: The Beginning, where she is shown to not only know Roth, but is on very good terms with him, even calling him "Uncle Roth."
  • Alisha's age is cited as being fourteen by Reyes, during video recording in Tomb Raider, though a flashback during the comic series, Reyes and Roth were said to have only met ten years prior to Yamatai, the latter is considered an error.
  • In the same letter, where it is revealed that Roth is Alisha's father, Reyes states that she should've given him a choice - to stay with her and Alisha or continue his adventures, but for the sake of her daughter she made the choice for him. That being - not telling him about Alisha and letting him continue his voyages.
  • In the Dark Horse comic that is a prequel to the Tomb Raider game, appropriately called Tomb Raider: The Beginning it is revealed by her mother - Reyes that she plays the piano. The comic is also her first appearance, apart from Reyes' documents in-game.