Ahmed Ben Trayal was a part of Werner Von Croy's workforce and acted as Lara's guide into the Tomb of Seth. Only for him to run away and emerge later as Lara's enemy. Before getting aboard the railroad train, Lara interrogates Ahmed then steals his clothes as disguise. Ahmed is left in the cave Lara just exited. He is confronted with evil red eyes. The eyes of Semerkhet's Guardian, a bull creature. Ahmed is presumably killed.


Tomb Raider: The Last RevelationEdit


Demanding Lara give him the Amulet

  • "The Amulet woman!"

After Lara escapes

  • "The Amulet, Herr Von Croy, it talks of the priest Semerkhet."

Lara pulls her Pistols on him

  • "You waste your time."
  • "Alexandria."