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Abigaile "Abby" Ortiz is the de facto mayor of Kuwaq Yaku, a remote village in Peru, as well as a skilled mechanic and pilot.

She is a supporting character in Shadow of the Tomb Raider.


Abby is descended from the Incas who live in the area. She lived in Kuwaq Yaku for her entire life except for a brief period where she moved to Lima in order to get her pilot's license.

In her younger years while in school, she befriended Sara who she considered to be a nerd. Abby often skipped school, and stole her grandmother's RV, she also sometimes managed to convince Sara to come with her for a ride.

Lara Croft and Jonah Maiava came to Kuwaq Yaku in search of Mayan ruins, she laughed, telling them she wouldn't find any as the Mayan's weren't from Peru, though she pointed Lara in the right direction. Abby quickly hit it off with Jonah, leading to the pair forming a romance.

It is revealed from notes written by her grandmother that Abigaile is the direct descendant of Maya Queen Abarrane through her matrilineal line. This makes her the latest "guardian" and "Mother of Multitudes" for her people.

Abigaile tells Lara Croft in Mission of San Juan that she read from her grandmother's journal of a vision of a future. She asked that they meet up again after Lara has taken care of the Silver Box of Ix Chel problem she currently faces.

After all the adventures, Abby and Jonah have decided to spend some time together and visit the beach.